Insomnia Cures: Are You (Body) Positioned For The Best Sleep?

Can’t Sleep? Let’s Look At Your Body Language As A Natural Sleep Aid…

Are you familiar with body language?How To Cure Insomnia Body Language

It’s a nonverbal communication that is expressed through…

…your body!

For example, arms crossed?

That could subconsciously tell someone you are uncomfortable, do not want to talk or that you are simply cold…

There are many other body language cues that can be correlated to reveal how a person (or yourself) may be feeling.

This is connected directly to how you sleep.

In fact, how you sleep beholds multiple benefits and possible problems – even including your personality type, according to sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski.

Sleeping On Your Side...All Natural Sleep Aid

If you notice that you get the best sleep on either side, you belong with the most vast majority of sleepers.

Is your insomnia caused by heartburn, acid reflux or indigestion?

Sleeping on your left side can alleviate the symptoms based on the internal design of our organs.

Extra benefits included with this sleep position are…

  • Additional comfort if pregnant…
  • Helps support spine…
  • May help with sleep apnea or snoring…

What personality types are included with the different styles of this famous sleep position?

  1. Foetus(Fetus Position) – The analysis shows that the side sleeper bears tough skin, but a warm heart. Once someone builds rapport with them, the personality opens up.
  2. Log – For those who lie on their side in a straight position demonstrates overzealous trust in people and is exceptionally easy-going.
  3. Yearner – This side sleeper generally has their arms out in front of them. It’s concluded they’re open to experiences and meeting new people. They may be hypercritical of their decision-making, though.

Sleeping On Your Back…

natural sleep aid insomnia cure


Physically, sleeping on your back is the perfect position for proper posture.

It’s also ideal for the cosmetically conscious.

The fresh air over your face inhibits wrinkles versus the side sleeper or stomach sleeper who’s face is against a pillow all night…

Au contraire, it isn’t nearly as well for you if struggling with snoring or sleep apnea.

This position is not your snoring or sleep apnea solution primarily because of gravity.

When you lie on your back, your tongue and throat muscles relax which induces the unfortunate sound and condition.

Let’s examine the personality types…

  1. Soldier – These sleepers lay on their back with the legs and arms straight down.  They’re practical people and shy with a tendency to place excessive judgement on themselves and others.
  2. Starfish- Sleeping with the arms over the pillow and legs out while on the back qualifies you for this position. The individual is humble and friendly, while living a eudaemoniac lifestyle (one that encompasses helping others).

Natural Sleep AidSleeping On Your Stomach…

Anatomically, this the most disadvantageous position for the spinal column.

Unlike sleeping on your back, the spine receives pressure without support which could result in lower back pain or neuropathy.

To remedy the pressure, a pillow under the pelvic region should provide supplemental support.

This position provides natural sleep aid to snoring strugglers and sleep apnea sufferers. As the complete opposite to back sleepers, you are opening up the airways for clear, unobstructed sleep.

And the personality types?

Only one is identified, called the free faller. You sleep with arms over the pillow and the legs extended.

The personality is bold and extroverted with a secretive soft side that doesn’t acclimate well to criticism.

What Are The Sleep Aid Solutions For Insomnia We Can Install From This?Natural Sleep Aid Review

For the side sleeping positions, it’s helpful for…

  • heartburn
  • indigestion
  • acid reflux
  • pregnancy

For the stomach sleeping position, it’s helpful for…

  • snoring
  • sleep apnea

For the back sleeping position, it does not seem to provide any signifiant insomnia remedy. It does help with…

  • spinal column support
  • neck support
  • anti-aging

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